Life…inside, out!


Observation: For many years now, I’ve propagated sweet potatoes for the garden. The process begins by suspending a sweet potato with tooth picks halfway down in a cup of water. Place the potato in a window seal or location that receives a good portion of light. In a short time you will begin to see sprouts of new life emerging from the sweet potato. These are called “slips” and once they are 4” – 6” you can pinch them off and place in a separate cup of water to grow roots. This happens within 2-4 days. Once a good root system is established, the plants can be planted outside in a sunny location.

Interpretation: This year, as I’ve watched this process emerge a “sweeter” than “sweet potatoes truth emerged. All of God’s creation is designed to produce life. I’ve been so accustomed to “consuming” life, surviving, but not fully thriving. As I watched the sweet potato transform, exposed to the elements of light and water it was flourishing — the truth became very real to me. These elements had influenced the sweet potato in a way that it began producing life abundantly. Once the slips are planted this one potato has the potential of creating hundreds of potatoes.

Application: Our design for life is equally productive. Our constant communion with God makes it possible for us to not be consumed by life. We have all that we need in Him. He implanted life in us from the day we were created. Our bodies, like the sweet potato, can heal because He designed them to. All we do is abide in Him and new life begins to emerge. Rather than consuming life, we can live more abundantly from the inside out!!!

I invite you to put this lesson into action. Get ‘ya a sweet potato and see what happens right before your eyes. Even if you don’t enjoy eating them, they are beautiful ground cover with little purple flowers.

SWEET POTATO FUN FACT: They are highly nutritious and accredited with saving more lives than any other food – through the depression, malnutrition and poverty!

FUN FACT ABOUT YOU: You are sweeter than a sweet potato. May your communion with God flourish!!!

Here’s more on growing Sweet Potatoes from the Old Farmer’s Almanac:


Is Consumerisim Trashing Our Potential?


Yes!! A fresh picked cantaloupe from my garden was on the butcher block ready to be diced into a fabulous summer treat {insert big cheesy smile}. Slice, it was nothing new… then something unexpected happened in that knife piercing moment: the seeds slimming out of the middle seemed to have a message…

For the first time I realized how trashing those seeds would be a huge loss of potential. Then the thought, “Seeds are a gardener’s treasure!!” “The original plant came from an heirloom variety, which holds marvelous potential to produce… hundreds, thousands, possibly millions more just like it!” My mind was racing and reality struck my heart with sincere conviction.

As a gardener, I’ve learned how to harvest, save and re-sow seeds. After successfully propagating them, I began sending them all over the United States and even as far away as Germany! As word came back about the harvest others were enjoying, the learning penetrated deeper, “If I had thrown them away this potential would have never been realized….”

So now, I’m asking myself, “How much potential am I trashing in other areas?”

Life is not disposable or replaceable – we are packed full of seeds.

Our cultural grooming in consumerism makes disposable and convenience attractive. On the contrary, God has creatively designed things to last…flourish and multiply. In explaining the Kingdom of God, Jesus tells us, “It is like a mustard seed planted in the ground. It is the smallest of all seeds, but it becomes the largest of all garden plants, it grows long branches, and birds can make nests in its shade.” (Mark 4:30-32) It’s a simple lesson in giving attention to the small things: Seeds.

As we continue our learning and growing, I’d like to offer any reader who “digs” sowing seeds – a healthy portion of those cantaloupe seeds. If you’ll post a note below, I’ll make arrangements to mail you some seeds from my seemingly insignificant little urban farm in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It will be fun to hear how much further this lesson can go!!! ~ Denise


Originally Published for on April 15, 2013

Seeds of Potential


“Gardens represent deep emotional connections with memories, people and places.”

Author Unknown


Something is keeping me awake at night…S-E-E-D-S! Every fiber of my being is awakened to the sense the time is near to cultivate the ground and launch all that potential into opportunity. Seedtime is far more exciting than harvest. If you were to ask my preference, “Which would you rather have a bouquet of flowers or packet of seeds?,” I would adamantly reply, “Give me SEEDS!” There is an absolute wonder in watching something that looks so small and insignificant, take root and erupt into a thriving creation that produces far beyond its small beginning. The divine lessons have made my life rich with wisdom and motivation. In choosing to sow seeds of kindness, I’ve seen a harvest of greatness. Seeds of honesty bring forth freedom and love will produce a grand bouquet in life. These are all beautiful things!

Ultimately our very lives are a seed, conceived by a sperm and egg (a little creation education here) – and when our time on Earth ends and we journey into eternity the only thing that remains are the seeds we’ve sown. The bouquet of life is realized in eternity. It’s the ultimate harvest of our choices and actions on Earth.

As our days are numbered on Earth, let’s make the most of them. Scatter, sow and cultivate seeds of all kinds. I would delightfully welcome the opportunity to exchange seeds with you – I have sunflower, okra and kale to exchange. Just post a little note below with what you have to offer or would like and let the sowing begin!!! My friends, it’s time.

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Originally published on March 7, 2014