Seeds of Potential


“Gardens represent deep emotional connections with memories, people and places.”

Author Unknown


Something is keeping me awake at night…S-E-E-D-S! Every fiber of my being is awakened to the sense the time is near to cultivate the ground and launch all that potential into opportunity. Seedtime is far more exciting than harvest. If you were to ask my preference, “Which would you rather have a bouquet of flowers or packet of seeds?,” I would adamantly reply, “Give me SEEDS!” There is an absolute wonder in watching something that looks so small and insignificant, take root and erupt into a thriving creation that produces far beyond its small beginning. The divine lessons have made my life rich with wisdom and motivation. In choosing to sow seeds of kindness, I’ve seen a harvest of greatness. Seeds of honesty bring forth freedom and love will produce a grand bouquet in life. These are all beautiful things!

Ultimately our very lives are a seed, conceived by a sperm and egg (a little creation education here) – and when our time on Earth ends and we journey into eternity the only thing that remains are the seeds we’ve sown. The bouquet of life is realized in eternity. It’s the ultimate harvest of our choices and actions on Earth.

As our days are numbered on Earth, let’s make the most of them. Scatter, sow and cultivate seeds of all kinds. I would delightfully welcome the opportunity to exchange seeds with you – I have sunflower, okra and kale to exchange. Just post a little note below with what you have to offer or would like and let the sowing begin!!! My friends, it’s time.

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Originally published on March 7, 2014


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