Rush. Ache. Push. Tired. Empty. Capacity. Consumed. Spent.
Blind. Vulnerable. Dizzy. Foggy. Robot. Deaf. 
Dying. Unmet. Broken. Heavy. Confused. Lost.
These were symptoms of our

Until it all came to a screeching HALT, we thought our lives were good, normal and prosperous!  We had no room left in our lives and everything was at max capacity – our time, our money, our bodies and health were completely and constantly spent.  We could have easily lived our entire lives in this condition, but God graciously allowed an epic failure to get our attention.  Immediately, everything STOPPED and STRANGELY…we began to hear, see and feel like never before.

As we allowed an old life to pass away and new life to emerge, a simplified view of what’s important took root in our thinking.  It became more significant to have time to talk than to have things to do.  We desired eternal life more than accumulating stuff in this life.  The prestige of what we did became a diminishing glory as we looked closer and closer at what God does. It continues to be a life-changing journey.

We still labor at keeping our lives anchored, so we don’t effortlessly drift away into the same rat race that robbed us of life before.  Simple always seems better, but what really makes life meaningful today is hearing the music of our hearts.  As a family of 5, owners of a small business and with kids ranging from teen to toddler – there’s more opportunity than ever for overloaded life.  What we’ve learned is that Harmony is the best balance.  It allows everyone to be true to who they are, on the journey to becoming who God designed them to be, in participation with others…who lovingly were joined to their lives. 

I listen for the noise of chaos and find ways to adjust the sound.   A busy schedule doesn’t necessarily mean we are out of balance, but it is most definitely followed with the soft tones of rest and relaxation.  Having nothing to do, doesn’t mean we are boring or disengaged…it just means we have room to spontaneously be available and bless.  Our commitments tend to have a more flexible form and function, but we remain deeply devoted.  It’s what works for us and hearing our hearts sing is a beautiful thing.

One of the greatest composers, Bach describes finding harmony:
In the architecture of my music I want to demonstrate to the world of the architecture of a new and beautiful social commonwealth. The secret of my harmony? I alone know it. Each instrument in counterpoint, and as many contrapuntal parts as there are instruments. It is the enlightened self-discipline of the various parts, each voluntarily imposing on itself the limits of its individual freedom for the well-being of the community. That is my message. Not the autocracy of a single stubborn melody on the one hand, nor the anarchy of unchecked noise on the other. No, a delicate balance between the two; an enlightened freedom. The science of my art. The art of my science. The harmony of the stars in the heavens, the yearning for brotherhood in the heart of man. This is the secret of my music.” – Johann Sebastian Bach
Harmony is a state of allowing people to be, belong and become!
 Make music my friends!!!

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