Trust the Process…

hd_pictures_of_galloping_horses_01Are you serious – Me?  An inexperienced, 145lb, weak female – is going to enter this corral with a giant horse, make a connection, establish trust and lead him to take a few steps alongside me?  I could not imagine how this was possible.  There was no bit in his mouth to force the lead, no carrot to bribe him, no spurs on my boots, and sizing him up to myself further confirmed my insufficiency.   I’m struggling to trust myself, how will I ever trust the process?

I leaned in to listen carefully to our coach.  Congruency was very important because faking it never works with a horse.  They really know when you are afraid, which is okay.  You just have to admit how you’re feeling.  The horse will respect your comfort zone of engagement.  I found myself racing through a range of emotions before entering that corral.   With instructions to rock back, breath and then say out loud how I was feeling – the process began.   This was the start of a life-change dance.  As I took a few steps in I paused; looking, listening, and awaiting his notion to connect.  It happened; he turned to acknowledge my presence; which lead me to take a few more steps toward him.  At this time, my hope of this working began to rise.  As he exhaled deep from his nostrils my coach said, he’s relaxed – go ahead and approach him.  Coming along his side I reached my hand out for the connection and he nuzzled his nose into my hand with affirmation that he too was happy to meet.  I gently stroked his cheek in celebration of this huge milestone.

Now, the next big step…will he take a few steps with me?  Was our connection strong enough for him to trust my lead?  My coach nudged me out of the comfort of our side-by-side relationship and said, “Go ahead, take a few steps.”  Sure enough, this giant horse stepped right along with me.  Exhilarating, I was humbled beyond belief by this process.  As I’ve translated this experience to human relationships it’s insight for more meaningful connections.  You see this horse taught me the importance of connection over perfection.  He accepted my frailty, insecurity and lack of experience.

Creation is God’s ultimate classroom.   Trinity, who is THE horse of the herd, shared this profound insight for humans:  “I do not understand your judgement upon one another and your interpretations of experiences, because I only respond and react to what is.  My emotions are always right.  My behaviors are just information and my senses are always perfectly honed to every sound, nuance and movement extending far beyond what you can comprehend.  Humans at one time had these skills, but through time, un-resourceful conditioning, and choosing to ignore their own emotions and feelings, they have become numb and dull to the richest and truest experiences of life.  Too many humans stand beside a tree and never hear the bird sing.”

Friend, whatever corral you are entering may you have all the more courage to trust the process, following your gut and apologize if necessary!  You’ll soon find your life unbridled, grazing in pastures of peace – digesting the fruit of congruency.  Rock back, breath and trust the process.  It’s a process, worthy of our trust.  I’m thankful to be grazing these green pastures with you.

Originally Published on  on  May 9, 2016


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